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Lance Umenhofer


April Gloaming Publishing is the dream-child of Lance Umenhofer. Also the owner, he has created this Nashville-based independent press with the intent to expose the untapped talent bred from or called to the hills, mountains, and valleys of the South. He has a Bachelor's degree in Writing from Belmont University and published his first book, And the Soft Wind Blows, in April of 2013.


Austin Boling

Poetry Editor

Austin Boling is a Mississippi native, hailing from Batesville, and a Nashville/Indianapolis transplant. After earning a BA in English Literature from Belmont University, shenanigans ensued, and he was accepted into graduate school at Butler University, where he is currently pursing his MFA in poetry. A lover of both William Faulkner and John Berryman, he's most interested in the lyrical and explosive parts of poetry/language that turn the senses up to an almost unbearable volume. He thinks the gravity and plight of the human spirit is accurately summed up in the nine seasons of Seinfeld, and he's probably talking about it right now.


Tim Durham

Art Editor

Tim Durham is an East Nashville native who has been praising and basking in the creative realm of the city since he was born. He feels the essential corner he has added to the realm has chill, low maintenance, earthy, and natural attributes, while filling the audience with some kind of wonder and awe-inspiration. Acrylic, ink, wood, paper, and found objects are his essentials for cityscapes, deep oceans, and portraits. As a part of The Regenerates, he takes pride in helping embody team creativity and the evident hard work that emerges from it. He hopes to bring that same playful spirit to April Gloaming.


Geordan Goldtrap

Graphic Novel Editor

Geordan Goldtrap was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and has always been fascinated by the impossible, which led to an early and lifelong love of comic books. He always felt like an outsider growing up in the pervasive religious culture of the South, but he never allowed isolation to diminish his curiosity and excitement about the world and the people. Inspired by the presentation and examination of the human spirit in the most unusual of circumstances, Geordan challenged himself to become more like them by working hard within traditional societal structures and always looking what lay beyond them to find their existential cores and their alternatives. Martial artist, educator, and aspiring writer, Geordan is our graphic novel editor.


Drew Holden

Lead Designer

Drew Holden is a graphic designer and artist. After leaving his hometown of Bay City, TX at the age of eighteen, he made his way to Nashville to study Music Business at Belmont University. Drew wanted to work with creatives for a living. However, upon graduation, he felt he wanted more than to work with other creatives, he wanted to be a part of the creation process.

He was always drawn to the visual, whether it was drawing or building things. Drew began to study graphic design at Austin Peay State University two years later, and this changed his entire life. He knew what direction the future was going to take him. Upon graduation, he started working with Robyn Leigh Lear's Authors and Artists: The Regenerates, and has now become April Gloaming Publishing's Lead Designer, combining his artistic visions and talents into the creative ideals of this independent press.


Matt Johnstone

Poetry Editor

Matthew Johnstone is the author of the poetry collection, Let's be close Rope to mast you, Old light (Blue & Yellow Dog, 2010), and the chapbooks o n e (Inpatient Press, 2015), and Note on Tundra (DoubleCross Press, 2016). In addition to his work with April Gloaming, he co-edits 'Pider (pidermag.com) and hosts the E t A l. poetry readings, both of Nashville, Tennessee.


Aaron Joel Lain

Fiction Editor

Aaron Joel Lain is a devout student of the short long form. He reads and writes and works in various times and spaces aggregating around Nashville, Tennessee. He has several cats, most of which have dirty, unrepeatable names. They often talk to him in his sleep. Most of the time they read old recipes from various Franco-American cookbooks published in the seventies. His parole officer's name is Jeff.


Robyn Leigh Lear

Creative Director

Robyn Leigh Lear was born to the world, but she claims no country. Her soul dances through the North Carolina hills, her heart beats for the history of Savannah, GA, but her eyes look longingly toward deep, unexplored corners of the Southern landscape. Her writing is a combination of chaos and searching, and perhaps her history reflects this lack of direction. She is the creative dreamer behind Authors and Artists: The Regenerates, a writing and art collective that attempts to better understand the two mediums. Robyn is the Creative Director and "resident dreamer" for April Gloaming Publishing, working closely with authors and artists to help them bring their dreams from the background into reality.


Jenai Rogers

Non-fiction Editor

Jenai Rogers wants to live in a world where backyards are full of hiking trails and waterfalls, spontaneous solo dance parties are an accepted form of responsible self-care, and lemon sorbet and strong coffee magically materialize in response to mild irritation and disappointment.

As a case manager and server with a Masters of Education and a background in English Literature and Creative Writing, Jenai has an inordinate amount of creative people in her life. She often finds herself giving last minute advice on color selections, scene edits, screenplays and poetry. In 2009, Jenai helped write a grant proposal to the North Carolina and Asheville Arts Council and won the Regional Artist Project Grant for a small letterpress poetry and fiction journal. These days, she is working to support local artists as an editor for April Gloaming.

When she's not reading your submission, you can find her arm knitting and watching foreign films with a tribe of cats peppering her living room.


Ericka Suhl

Non-Fiction Editor

The problem that drives Ericka's work is best described in Anna Karenina when the painter, Mikhailov considers what is happening on the canvas as he creates: "[h]e knew that much attention and care were needed not to injure one's work when removing the wrappings that obscure the idea, and that all the wrappings must be removed." The truth of a moment can suffocate under prose that only loves the sound of its own voice, or the heart of a story can be too aggressively edited right out of a piece. Striking a balance between revealing and killing is careful work, frustrating to the point of madness, obsession, or even mania. Writing makes her face flush hot or coats her in the slick sweat of fear. She thinks she has a concept cornered, ready to take shape and snap into a life of its own, then she finds herself stabbing at shadows again in an empty room. As the non-fiction editor for April Gloaming Publishing, Ericka says she wants to understand the idea of the writing, and the art behind it as well. What keeps her going, searching, sure is the desire for an understanding of what really happens. She won't be satisfied until all the wrappings have been removed.

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